Raleigh Mitzvah Photographer – Temple Beth Or and Crabtree Marriott Mitzvah { Tara }

February 15, 2013

I am catching up on the blogging! This time each year, we reorganize and prepare for rest of the season. We have also been busy photographing events and portraits. Mix in some video and painting, and there is not enough time for blogging! I am getting ready for Arti & Mitesh’s Indian wedding in Wilmington this weekend. This will be a two day assignment for me. A really big wedding- around 600 guests at the Wilmington Convention Center! Mica will be working with me as a second photographer/ assistant.

One of the fun events this year has been Tara’s Bat Mitzvah! Earlier, I did a portrait session in our studio. The session was fun and below is one of Tara’s favorite image from the session. The image was printed and framed for display at the party. Guests were able to write on the white mat.

Tara’s wish for winter theme came true when it snowed in Raleigh on Friday! It was a winter wonderland on Saturday morning! But, our portrait session at the Temple Beth Or was on schedule. I created traditional portraits as well as some fun and creative images.

The mitzvah celebration party was at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley. The ballroom looked beautiful. DJ Damien Maass made the party fun with music and games! I have enjoyed working with Damien- he is very helpful with keeping us aware of the timeline. Damien had dancers from Elevate to keep the dance floor busy.

Once I arrived at the Marriott, I setup the Greenscreen photobooth. This photobooth is always exciting for kids! We usually offer choice of four digital backgrounds. Each image is printed instantly. Photo folders are optional. Mitzvah name and date gets printed on each image, making this a great souvenir. Mica joined me and did the greenscreen photography and instant printing while I captured the event.

The party started with cocktail hour. There were introductions, blessings over bread, lunch, father-daughter dance, candle lighting and hora. Tara’s family and friends had travelled from all over to attend her mitzvah and celebration. Kids enjoyed games. Great party!

Mica and I enjoyed being part of this special occasion. We hope to capture many more mitzvahs.

It may snow tomorrow and we will be on our way to another great event…

- Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography





raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-02-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-03-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-04-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-05-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-06-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-07-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-08-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-09-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-10-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-11-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-12-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-13-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-14-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-15-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-16-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-17-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-18-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-19-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-20-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-21-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-22-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-23-iwp-photography

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