Raleigh Indian Wedding Photographer : Duke Gardens E-session { Shefaali + Andy }

May 16, 2013

I have photographed e-sessions at the Duke Gardens (Durham NC) before, but the Garden was the most colorful when I did Shefaali & Andy’s e-session recently! This couple’s Indian wedding ceremony will take place at the Solas and reception will be at the Zinda. I love Glenwood South and Raleigh downtown. I often photograph that side of Raleigh and have also done many paintings there. Some of my paintings are now on display at the Visual Art Exchange and Local Color Raleigh. My notable latest assignment there was a live wedding painting I did at the All Saints Chapel and the Stockroom.

This was one of the warmest day of the year so far. I met my couple at the main gate. They looked sharp! This was also the graduation weekend so the gardens were busy but we worked patiently entire evening. Shefaali and Andy were absolute joy to work with! They had fun as you can see from the preview images below. We went around the garden, stopping at interesting spots. I worked alone and carried my gear all over the gardens. That was a good thing since I could create some of the poses which Shefaali had in mind. We kept shooting until the light was gone. We did not get to the Red bridge, but, didn’t really miss that.

I look forward to Shefaali and Andy’s wedding! It s going to be fun!

2013 continues to be an interesting year. I will be traveling for some of the assignments. I often get asked this question: “how many photographers do you bring”? Let me first say that I can bring as many photographers as the couple’s budget will permit! But, I am not sure how number of photographers translate into good photography or service. Many of the weddings you see on this blog were photographed by one photographer- yours truly! Some of the weddings had 500 + guests and multi-day multiple wedding events. In 2013, I am going to flip the question around: “How much can a single photographer do?”. We shall see. I promise…

- Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography


indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-01 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-02 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-03 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-04 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-05 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-06 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-12 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-11 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-10 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-09 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-08 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-07 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-13 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-14

- Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography


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