Charlotte Indian Wedding Photographer – Magnolia Room Wedding – { Bhumi + Viren }

May 31, 2012

Wow! What a fun wedding! I had photographed Bhumi and Viren’s e-session in Charlotte last year. So, I knew this couple. But, I had no idea that their wedding will be so much fun! And my special thank you to the couple for keeping everything on the schedule. Especially, in the morning.

This wedding was on the Mother’s Day (thank you DJ Hangama for paying tribute to all the Moms). I arrived in Rock Hill the day before, after photographing Ari’s Bar Mitzvah in Raleigh (see my earlier blog post). The wedding day weather was beautiful! Slightly cloudy (which was great for outdoor portraits) and very pleasant. I started capturing the day with Bhumi’s hair, makeup and jewelry session. Neeta Patel (Belladev Hair Studio at Panache)┬ádid great job with this session! The groom arrived to the venue for the portrait session. We went outside and setup several different poses. As a photographer, I really enjoy this part of the Indian weddings! If you are a bride, or helping a bride plan her Indian wedding, I highly recommend that you incorporate couple’s session as one of the most important item on your photography list.

After the session, the groom departed for a little pre-wedding ceremony and then arrived with his baraat in style! And I admire anyone who can dance, but, I honestly have never seen any groom with Viren’s dancing skills! That was a huge plus since it gave me many opportunities for capturing fun images! DJ Hangama proved music for the baraat. And after working together at many weddings, I am glad to have built a rapport my fellow professional vendors. I have relied on DJ Hangama for taking care of my additional cameras and gear during the baraats, and even during ceremonies and receptions.

The baraat was received and it was time for the ceremony inside beautifully decorated Magnolia Room. I liked the way mandap and venue were setup. There was plenty of room to move around and capture different angles. The ceremony was long and incorporated many religious and social rituals. There were many fun moments to capture! And of course, my favorite moment was the bride walking down the aisle. I did formal group images after the ceremony.

After the ceremony, it was time for the bride’s vidaai (send-off). This of course, was a very emotional moment. Especially for the bride and her family. But, the party will start soon! Stay tuned for the fun images of the reception…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography




We got a great start since the bride was on schedule with her hair, makeup and jewelry session. This was a huge help since we could schedule bride and groom’s portrait session before the ceremony.


Dressing an Indian bride is a complicated process and it is best left to the experts!


The first look!


Just few finishing touches and then off we went for the portrait session!


This beautiful bride also has great personality!


Beautiful henna…


Groom admiring his beautiful bride…


Will they or won’t they?! A gentle beautiful kiss can still cause a little controversy! What do you think? I would like to hear…


I really enjoyed working with this couple…


I love the couple’s portrait session and can capture these images all day! Of course, on the wedding day, I have to work quickly. I enjoy that challenge…


This bride can stand next to a golf cart and will still create a stunning image…


Team Bhumi with the groom…


Team Bhumi…


I admire the bride for keeping everything on the schedule. We could capture these images- some of which are my favorites…


Just beautiful!


Bride brightens up the day…


Magnolia Room (Rock Hill SC) is ready for the ceremony…


Here comes the groom…


The groom is just warming up…


This groom gets my award for the best dance moves! Wait till you see the reception images…


That was awesome!


Groom’s reception…


Groom walking down the aisle with mother of the bride.


Waiting for the bride…


Every detail will become part of the wedding day memory…


No peeking…


Here comes the bride…


An Indian bride has may emotions. Smiling one minute…


… serious next minute…


The exchange of garlands…


The families are important part of Indian wedding rituals.


A candid moment…


A lighter moment…


A bird’s eye view of the ceremony…


The couple posing for the cameras…


The ceremony continues…


The groom leads this phera…


Finally a groom with great timing! But, this is not always a good move…


… but, offering sweets is definitely a good move!


And offering jewelry is even better!


The saptapadi…


The bride’s send-off is always very emotional. The bride leaving her family is a reality when the wedding ceremony is over. Here bride with her brother. Words cannot describe their emotions…


The couple departs. The family is still very emotional. But, it will be time to celebrate the wedding soon. Party time is coming!

3 Responses to “Charlotte Indian Wedding Photographer – Magnolia Room Wedding – { Bhumi + Viren }”

  1. brilliantly done!! What a gorgeous bride! I swear, there is NEVER a ugly bride!

  2. Mayuri said

    I love the pictures.. Bhumi you looked great. Congratulations to you both.

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